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Technologies And Processes

Technologies And Processes

Yes, we are Agile; Scrum, Kanban - we have mastered them all so you have the peace of mind that you are always in control of your project and, most importantly, always in the loop.

Be it an e-commerce site, a social network or a custom billing app, we have you covered. Our technologies of choice range from PHP and accompanying frameworks and languages on the web side (Laravel, October CMS, Symfony, Vue JS, Prestashop, Magento, SASS, Webpack), to Unity for games programming (yes, we do that too) and FuseTools for truly native mobile experiences on both iOS and Android. Oh, and we do know our way around databases: MySQL, IBM DB2, MongoDB, PostgreSQL and MS SQL Sever.

Had a different tech in mind? Please inquire! We felt we had to leave a few out :)

OMV Petrom

Some Of Our Work

Title: Alma Vii
Description: Virtual tour guide mobile app
Available on the App Store Available on the Play Store
Alma Vii Alma Vii
Title: Esperity Mobile
Description: Cancer patient empowerment mobile app
Available on the App Store
Esperity Mobile Esperity Mobile
Title: Esperity Web
Description: Cancer patient empowerment web application
URL: https://www.esperity.com
Esperity Esperity
Title: Clinical Trials Manager
Description: Clinical trials management tool
URL: https://clinicaltrial.be
Clinical Trial Manager Clinical Trial Manager
Title: Revealio
Description: Augmented reality post cards editor
Available on the App Store
Revealio Revealio

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